Pastor’s Perspective: The Water of Life

Dear Church Family,
Last week in our study of Revelation 21, Jesus gives a promise, “I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.” This week in chapter 22, we see this river of blessing flowing from the throne, bringing life and healing for those coming into the city from their former life on earth during the 1000-year reign. This river is as clear as crystal, a beautiful picture of our eternal home with the Lord. How often to you think about heaven? May we all look forward to home with the eager expectation which we will read about on Sunday!
The Kensington mission trip is coming up next week, we will have a prayer of blessing and protection over this team at the conclusion of the service on Sunday. All of us can have a significant impact on this effort.
Our Family Day on Sunday, May 5th, will be extra special. We have a young couple who will be exchanging wedding vows at the end of the service. There will be instructions in the bulletin on how you can help provide food for the church meal afterwards. We will all be their guests, and will all celebrate the marriage supper of the couple 😊
We will be having a baptism on Sunday, May 19th. Have you been baptized as a believer? This is a great opportunity to step out with courage and faith and make a public stand for Jesus in gratitude for His cleansing power!
See you on Sunday!
Pastor Marv

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