Pastor's Perspective: Fallen, Fallen is Babylon

Dear Church Family,
I like the timing of the ending of our study of the great tribulation with the ending of our Winter season. As Winter is wrapping up, and new life is just around the corner, so this 7-year period of tribulation at the end of our age, will give way to the much-anticipated 2nd coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After the battle of Armageddon, Jesus will usher in the most amazing time of peace and blessing upon this earth for 1000 years. This time may be like what the garden of Eden was like before the fall of man. This Sunday we will study Revelation 18 where God’s Word describes the crumbling of the economic powerhouse of the final years, the city of Babylon. Babylon will be both the economic and religious center of the world in the last days. Last week we studied the religious collapse, this week we will study the economic collapse. Is your hearts devotion centered upon the temporal things of this world? If so, it will be a heartbreaking experience when it collapses, sooner or later.
This Sunday is also family day at CCF. The children will join us in the sanctuary, and we will share a meal together after the service. Chili will be provided, bring a side dish and dessert to share. We look forward to having this time worshipping together with all ages, please bring your children to receive the blessing from the Lord. The Overflowing Cup will be available for livestreaming throughout the service, giving you and your family more options for seating. I plan on inviting all the children forward for a story time before I preach.
This coming Wednesday evening in the sanctuary, our prayer and share time will be a bit different. We plan to spotlight an inner-city mission outreach that may be one of our regular missions that CCF would support in prayer, financially and with support teams. Please plan to join us at 6:30 as we hear from a current staff member named Katie Breen. We have a mission trip planned for this location in April, and we would ask you to consider going along, or be a prayer partner in the work. Kensington, Philadelphia is the drug capital of the East Coast. We will hear how God has opened the door for our sister church, Calvary Chapel Kensington, to reach this drug pit with the gospel through the boxing ministry called “The Rock”. Serving alongside this ministry may help inspire us to bring the good news of Jesus to our own growing addiction culture here in Southside VA. We need to wake up and recognize the spiritual fields around us and put out the sickle for the harvest. You just may be the sickle God wants to use!
Serving in the joy and strength of the Lord,
Pastor Marv

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