Pastor's Perspective: Death- Are You Ready?

Dear Calvary Family,
Facing death is daunting. Most people go through life trying not to think about it, and fewer speak of death, even with their own family. Except for 2 people (Enoch & Elijah), up to the present generation, every human being since Adam & Eve died, so let’s talk about it. God created us to live, death is an enemy brought on by sin, all sinned except for Christ, but He became sin in the place of all who believe. To the Christian, death loses it’s sting because of redemption and the promise of eternal life. The apostle Paul says, as a believer in Jesus, it’s better to die than to live because to be absent from this earthly body means we are with the Lord forever! Paul understood to a fuller degree the eternal promises awaiting us, he also had a very difficult life as a pioneer of the early church. Do the challenges of your life cause you to long for home, or cause you to bitterly wish for a better or longer life here?

On Sunday we begin the final 3 chapters of Revelation, where we continue to face the reality of death and judgement. Chapter 20 speaks of the 1000-year reign of Christ here on this earth. This is perhaps the most overlooked prophetic message to the church in our day, and gives us much to look forward to, and live for. It is certainly a study of great fascination and wonder. I hope you can join us on Sunday morning as we take a dive into this marvelous study.

Tonight, and tomorrow, myself and the leadership team here at CCF will be meeting to pray for one another and each of you! What a privilege it is to call you family and bear one another’s burdens. God calls us as leaders to shepherd the flock of God among us, and we are thankful that you chose to be a part of this flock. We may be a motley flock, but we sure have a wonderful, gracious shepherd, the Good Shepherd!

Resurrection Sunday is coming up in a few weeks, prepare your heart for a wonderful celebration. Please use this opportunity to invite someone to join us as we celebrate Christ’s victory over death. On Good Friday evening we will share a seder meal together here at the church. This meal will help us see the many pictures of Christ and the story of redemption in the pages of the Old testament. Sign up in the church foyer if you plan to come, and yes, plan to come😊

See you soon!
Pastor Marv

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