Pastor’s Perspective: The Great White Throne

Dear Church Family,
We just celebrated the redemption of mankind, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What a blessing last week was to all of us! This Sunday we will turn our attention back to the book of Revelation. The great white throne judgement is the focus in Rev 20:11-15. This final judgement is reserved for all people who reject God’s plan of redemption, from Adam to the end of humanity. Please join me in prayer for another wave of revival to sweep across our community as this word goes out. The reality of spiritual death, separation from God, and from all of God’s children for all eternity is a powerful evangelical message. One of the greatest revivals ever recorded in scripture was during the days of Jonah. His message to Ninevah, was a message of eternal judgement, bringing about great salvation. Is this type of evangelism not needed today? Jesus spoke more of hell than of heaven. Maybe we should re-consider the message of eternal damnation sometimes referred to as hellfire and brimstone. Revelation reminds us that this is a reality, and at this time, a reality for most of the people we encounter each week.
A few opportunities for your consideration and prayer:
Join us for men’s breakfast tomorrow morning, April 6th, 8:00 AM
Inner city mission trip is right around the corner, April 25-28
Prayerfully preparing our hearts for the hearting of the Word!
Pastor Marv

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