Pastor’s Perspective: Marriage of the Lamb

Dear Calvary Family,
What a journey we have traveled through the great tribulation described in Revelation chapters 6-18. In our scripture this Sunday, chapter 19, we will study the second coming of Christ and prepare for our joining with him for all eternity. This joining is so close, it is described as a marriage, Christ Jesus the groom, marries His betrothed, the church. When the people of Corinth believed in Jesus for salvation, Paul says this concerning them; “For I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy; for I betrothed you to one husband, so that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin” 2 Cor 11:2. As members of the church today, we are engaged to Christ, and in chapter 19 of Revelation, we read of our wedding and the marriage supper. Today, we are saved and live by faith in Jesus Christ. At the wedding, our faith and hope become reality! Are you betrothed to Jesus yet, the invitation remains.
Up until the marriage of the Lamb, the greatest celebration of the Christian faith, is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This amazing celebration, often referred to as Good Friday and Easter, is just around the corner. Here at CCF, we are preparing for a great weekend for all of us, as well as our guests, to celebrate together. On Good Friday, March 29th, we will gather for a Passover Seder. Please sign up for this meal on the church app, or in the foyer. Then on Sunday, March 31st, we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!
Please pray for our youth group as they prepare for their one-day conference tomorrow called, “Destination: heaven”! Our youth will gather with several other Calvary Chapel youth groups at CC Fredericksburg. The timing of this conference theme with where we are at in our revelation study is not coincidental, at least not to God. May we all keep our eyes on the finality of our eternal destination and prepare for the wedding.
Next weekend, March 15-16, I, and the leadership team here at CCF will be going to a cabin to spend time together sharing with each other and praying for each one of you. We will pray through our church directory name by name. If you have something specific you want us to pray for, you can place your confidential request into a box in the foyer. We will join you in prayer with faith to our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ!
See you on Sunday!
Pastor Marv

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