8/19 Pastor’s Perspective

Aug 19, 2022    Pastor Marv Fisher

Dear Church Family,

Growing up, most of us heard of the story in Luke 6 about the house built on the sand vs. the rock. This is part of the scripture we will be studying together on Sunday. Looking back over our lives, we realize the reality of the storms, that they indeed will come. The flood, the torrent can burst against the house of life. A house is built one day at a time, one decision at a time. We are told to dig down and build our life upon the rock. I look forward to studying this scripture together as we all learn the value of looking to Jesus and building our lives according to His Word! And if you are facing a storm, look to Jesus, He will rescue all who call upon the name of the Lord.

I am very thankful for the many opportunities for discipleship at Calvary Chapel Farmville! Discipleship is more than learning things; it requires us to follow and obey the Lord. One of the great needs for discipleship is in the area of taking the Gospel to the streets. Your willingness to pray for someone can open the door for them receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One Sunday, you will hear about an opportunity for you to do this with your fellow brothers and sisters at the Heart of Virginia Festival on Sept 17th!

We continue to see new attendees come to our Sunday morning gatherings. It is a blessing to get to know one another better as we worship the Lord and study His Word. Take a look around you this week, asking the Lord how you can be used of Him to express the kindness of the Lord in the area of hospitality. May the love of the Lord fill our hearts to overflowing, and may mercy and grace abound.

See you soon!

Pastor Marv