10/07 Pastor’s Perspective

Oct 7, 2022    Pastor Marv Fisher

Dear Church Family,

One of the most encouraging things I am seeing at Calvary Chapel Farmville, is the way in which we are learning to come to Jesus. In our Luke 10:25-42 study on Sunday, Jesus gently compares; doing something for Jesus, with simply coming to Jesus to relate to Him, listening to God, seeking Him out. If we take the time to come to Jesus, to sit at His feet, to ponder over His words spoken to us, to understand His great love for us, then the way in which we serve Him will flow from a full heart, led by the very Spirit of God. Are you personally relating to Jesus each day? I hope we can all grow in this most astounding relationship opportunity!

Last Sunday we had 6 young men come to Jesus in public baptism, what a fantastic day of celebration that was. May we join with these young men in continued discipleship, seeking the Lord God with all of our heart and mind. Let's dwell on things above, seeing the things of this earth within the eternal perspective God desires for those living in His kingdom.

Here are a few things to consider for discipleship, strengthening friendships and reaching others with the gospel:

CCF Family Trip: Join us for the Jan 17-20, 2023 Kentucky, chartered bus trip, to the Creation Museum & the Ark encounter. So far, we have 24 people who have signed up, the bus fills up at 55.

Serve & Protect Sunday: On Sunday, Nov 6th, we are planning a Sunday morning set aside to minister to Veterans, Military, police and fire & rescue workers. We are calling this "Serve & Protect Sunday". Please invite to church, anyone who serves in any of these community necessities. We want to pray for these valuable servants, get to know them better, and share a meal together!
Take the time to enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

Pastor Marv