Pastor’s Perspective



Dear Calvary Family,

December is a very special month of the year, a perfect time to reflect back and evaluate the path we are walking. Christmas places the miracle of the gospel in the spotlight and often softens the hearts of men and women to receive the message the church has to offer. December is also a great time for resetting the compass for the coming year. May we bow with bend-ed knee before the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. May we follow the true Star of Bethlehem until we find ourselves in the presence of the living God in our heavenly home.


Here are some great opportunities for each of you to be involved, prayerfully consider being part of some of these events:


 1. Door to door Christmas story: Wed afternoons, Dec 5th & 12th, meet in the prayer room at 5:00 PM, then hit the streets! Whitsel Jackson will be leading you in an adventurous time of “door to door” ministry. You will offer to share the Christmas story with people and offer to pray for them. All will return to the church for 7:00 worship & celebration. Bundle up!

2. Prayer Night: Wed evening Dec 12th, instead of the regular study through 1 Samuel, we will share in communion and corporate prayer, these are always very special services

3. Christmas Caroling to the Prisoners and shut-ins: Wed Evening, Dec 19th – all High School students and adults will be going into the Detention Center & Farmville Rehabilitation Center. The children & middle school students will be meeting in the Center for a Christmas party! 

4. Sunday Morning Special: All Sunday mornings are a privileged times, but Sunday morning, Dec 23rd our Christmas celebration will involve the Children and bring to light the amazing gift of salvation offered to humanity!

5. Christmas Eve Service: Bring your family, invite your neighbors, and enjoy special music, a story time, and a reflective candle lighting service 6:00-7:00 PM

6. No service on Wed Dec 26th

7. Vision Sunday: Sunday morning Jan 6th, will include a time for Wilson & I to share information that will help set the course for the coming year. This has become a highlight for many


Blessings & much love


– Pastor Marv

9-18-18 Pastor’s Perspective
Dear Calvary Family,
It seems like the “whole creation groans” described in Romans chapter 8 is heightened around the world today. Along with this physical groaning of the earth, the political and spiritual culture is also experiencing tremendous change and appears to be spiraling into disarray. The light of the gospel stands in stark contrast to all this foreboding and sad news circulating among the many different and changing information stations. The gospel does not eradicate hardship, suffering or even disappointment. Rather, the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ is that Jesus is willing to intervene in our lives; He offers forgiveness, healing of hearts, and hope for the future. These gifts, and many additional blessings bring about a remarkable change in how we view the challenges we face and the groaning of the world. Gods amazing grace opens the door for us to experience a peace that passes understanding. Colossians 3:15 tells us, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts”. (be the umpire, to direct) May God truly be the umpire of your life today, and certainly the umpire of our church! 
In our 8+ years together, our church family certainly has extended beyond Farmville. This weekend you have an opportunity to hear first hand how the gospel is reaching behind the walls of the prisons of Alabama, and how the gospel is reaching the flood affected area of Lumberton NC. This coming weekend, Mark & Dawn Stoltzfus (prison ministry) and Jeff & Ann Wade (disaster relief) will be back in Farmville. This Friday evening, Sept 21, 7:00-8:30 PM here at the church, Mark will sharing about his role as a prison chaplain with We Care Prison Ministry. The evening will also include a time of worship and music from the Lapp family. Then Saturday (22nd) at our future location at 45 Simpson Rd, Crit’s chicken dinners will be sold, starting at 11:00 AM. You can also enjoy watching or participating in a wiffle-ball fundraiser tournament starting at 10:00 AM up on the field above the Simpson Rd church. Both of these events will help provide support for the Stoltzfus family. As for disaster relief, We have a mission trip scheduled for Wed evening, Oct 17th – Sat night, Oct 20th to help Jeff & Ann in the work in Lumberton! Both the Stoltzus’ and Wade’s will be sharing a mission update on Sunday morning as well! 
Something else I would greatly appreciate your prayers and support for is coming up in the more distant future. Sunday evening, November 18th, I am coordinating a Farmville area, “Community Thanksgiving Service”. At this time I have over 20 community leaders involved in leading this event. President Reveley from Longwood University has offerd to host this service in the Blackwell Ballroom. This is a blessing to have a state university host a christian community event such as this. All the area churches will be invited, but we are being intentional to invite unbelievers to join us in offering prayer, praise and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ. Our theme is “America: It’s revivals & Awakenings”. We will be reflecting with thankfulness on Gods grace in the past and trusting God for a future awakening in our town and nation. We are also privileged to have the 40 member, Commonwealth Chorale, join the event to sing some beautiful songs of Thanksgiving!
As we look ahead to the Fall and early Winter season, let’s continue faithfully in the treasured opportunities to gather regularly as a church family. Our Wednesday evening services have become special times of getting better acquainted as we gather around Gods word and pray in smaller groups. Our Sunday mornings are always great opportunities to celebrate the goodness of the Lord and a chance to meet the growing group that call Calvary Chapel home. Prior to each service, the prayer room is open for any of you to join in a time of intercession and prayer. I consider this a very important aspect of church life and health, join us sometime!
Much love
Pastor Marv
07-18-18, Wed
Pastor’s Perspective: 
Dear Calvary Family,
In tonight’s Bible study, God reveals to the valiant warrior Gideon, that a bigger army is not necessarily a better army. I believe the 3 concerns that God revealed to Gideon are relevant concerns for our day.
1. Pride: Man takes the glory when God delivers a great victory in our personal lives or the church 
2. Fear: A lack of faith is contagious and tends to spread among the rest of the army – God asked 22,000 soldiers to go home
3. Self Centered: When my thirst becomes more important than the battle at hand – God asked 9,700 more soldiers to go home
Gideon only had 300 soldiers left to fight against 135,000 Midianite soldiers with much advanced weaponry. How many victorious opportunities are missed due to lack of faith, fear of failure or the looming danger of pride?
This Sunday will require a bold step for those whom God is calling to be baptizedPride, fear and selfishness have been buried with Christ and we have a new calling that requires both humility and courage. May our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ overwhelm our tendency to fear. May we receive the grace and blessings of the Lord in humility, and may we better understand that it is not by our might or power that battles are fought and victory is achieved, but by the mighty power of Jesus Christ and the work of His Holy Spirit living in us and working all around us! Let’s trust God for revived hearts and lives.
Many of you have been asking about the timing of our location move to 45 Simpson Rd. It is still in the hands of the attorneys involved and appears to be moving closer to settlement. I am continually grateful for this amazing gift being granted to us at Calvary Chapel. I will certainly let you know when the deed is in hand. Meanwhile, be in prayer for a fresh work of God among us and pray for many more to know Jesus and His gracious offer of salvation!
Much love
– Pastor Marv
A couple of things to consider and pray for:
1. Street evangelism on Wed afternoons & the Addiction’s Bible study
2. The baptism on Sunday
3. The land/church gift transaction
4. Motherhood by design – Bible Study for young moms
5. Devotions at Calvary – Tue morning for men & women
6. Edge: Sunday evening, 6:30 at Aaron Gridley’s house on 4th Ave


Pastor’s Perspective

Dear Calvary Family,

It has been so good to see and hear many of your responses from the news of the generous offer given to Calvary Chapel. For those who were not present at the service, David Simpson, on behalf of Grace Chapel Ministries, has offered us a +/- 12,000 sq. ft building with 12+ acres of land at 45 Simpson Rd, as a gift to Calvary Chapel. This property is just off highway 460, 3 miles west of Farmville. We leased this building from 2010-2013. It is a beautiful facility with much potential for ministry opportunities. Please be in prayer as we work through the transaction process. May God receive much glory and honor from our worship and praise to Him! We are very grateful to David and Robin for their consideration for Calvary Chapel to receive this gift. It is my prayer that we would be good stewards of the grace of God! I will update you along the way.

The scripture God has put on my heart through this is Isaiah 42:5-9. Verse 6 says “…I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness, I will hold you by the hand and watch over you, And I will appoint you as a covenant to the people, As a light to the nations…” as spiritual descendants of Abraham, through faith in Jesus Christ, may we be a light to the nations!

My prayer and concern at this time is that in all the hubbub and planning and searching, we do not take our eyes off of Jesus, even for a moment. He is our Shepherd and we are to listen to His voice and respond to His bidding! May our quiet times of prayer be full of reverent worship and attentive listening as we watch the wonders of Gods love all around us. May we never overlook the hurting, the down trodden, or the sad; But may we encourage one another along the way, even more as we see the end of the age approaching! May our services be full of expectation, prayer and hope as we look to Jesus!

We also have some events for you to be lifting up in prayer:

– The Mother/Daughter gathering on Friday Evening (over 100 women have signed up) ; May Gods grace and love be poured out!

– Mothers Day on Sunday; Pray for Norma Hertzler, Louisa Baker and Lydia Fisher (Grandma Lydia) as they prepare to share words of encouragement to the moms on Sunday

– This weekend is the start of the Farmville Area Church Softball league. Calvary has several teams represented. Friday & Saturday evenings at the Sports Arena here in Farmville. May good fellowship develop among the christian faith community in Farmville!

To God be the glory

– Pastor Marv

Pastor’s Perspective


Dear Church Family,

Evangelism and discipleship are common language within the church. Jesus himself commissions us in Luke 24:47 “…that repentance for forgiveness of sins should beproclaimed in His name to all the nations…” and in Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel...” It is my prayer and hearts desire that we are foundfaithful in both reaching the lost and equipping the saints for ministry. I am thankful to see so many of you follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and serve the Lord in humility and even tears. 

I believe we have been fairly intentional in our commitment to discipleship, but not so very much in the area of evangelism. Would you join me in prayer concerning the many lost souls all around this town and beyond and that perhaps, we could be equally intentional in this effort as well. 

Beginning this week, we are taking steps to address these two areas. In evangelism, we are making a special effort connect children to Jesus. March – May, each Wednesday evening, we plan to feature “Kids Night” in the Center. All children will be checked in at the Center by 7:00 PM for an night of pizza, Bible study and games. Pastor Wilson will be overseeing this time of concentrated effort to reach children with the love of Jesus. Flyers are being distributed in the trailer park across the street and we are hoping to have many of your children here as well. We have a team of servants ready to serve. Any children over 11 years of age will join the middle school group (Rock). All other Wed evening studies will continue. In the area of discipleship, this Wed evening in the sanctuary, I will be starting a study in the book of Galatians. We will be taking a close look at the gospel of grace and the simplicity of the good news of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. After the teaching, we will divide up in groups and encourage and pray for one another as we look to take this message to our neighborhood and beyond.

Another thing on the radar is the growing drug and alcohol addiction in Farmville. Jesus can break the chains of addiction and we are trusting Him to show us how to best reach these dear people with this good news. At the Sunday evening prayer meeting at our house, we plan to start the evening with a focus towards those caught up in addiction and for the loved ones around them who are grieving, many without much hope. May our hearts be full of compassion and abounding in love. All these efforts need to be bathed in the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Much love

Pastor Marv


Pastor’s Perspective

Dear Calvary Family,

Listen to these words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30 Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my load is light” These are the verses that were on my mind as 200 men and women who are battling addiction filed into the little chapel at Calvary Chapel Philly on Monday evening. Not only did the addicts receive encouragement and support, but many support persons (parents, spouses, grandparents and loved ones) also came to receive encouragement from the word and fellowship with people who understand their struggles and the redemptive power of God. At the Sunday morning service and Sunday evening prayer night, it also was such a blessing to see the many former addicts serving in ministries, raising children and working hard to provide for their families. For many addicts, these things were only a distant dream just a few years earlier. Our team of 7 who traveled to Philadelphia to visit the church and spend time with Tim Patrick and his wonderful team in the addictions ministry were tremendously blessed. If you would like to hear more about the trip, and are willing to pray about our church starting a local addictions ministry, come to my house for the next prayer night on Sunday evening, March 11th at 6:30 (114 Bent Creek Lane, Prospect). It is my prayer that we continue to take intentional steps to reach the lost in our community. Please consider how God may use your life to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here are a few other gatherings to consider in the upcoming days;

– Today the weekly Lenten service/luncheons continue at 12:00 noon at St. John’s Lutheran Church on Milnwood Rd, Farmville.

– Tonight (Wed) – No service

– Tomorrow Evening (Thursday, 6:30) bring the family and come on out to the church sanctuary for a dinner, a concert and an update on the We Care Prison ministry!

– Sunday morning following the service everyone is invited to stay for a meal together. Bring a pot of soup and a salad/dessert to share! 

Much love

– Pastor Marv


Pastor’s Perspective

Dear Calvary Family,

In the life of a church family, we are effected by how even just one of us is doing. Life brings joys, sorrows, hardships, sadness, celebrations…. God desires to use these events to mature us in the faith. They teach us to better comfort others and many times these events humble us, showing our desperate need for a personal God who cares for and loves us. May God continue to work all this together for good for those that love Him!

In a similar way, when groups of us experience a fresh work of God, it can be so good for the whole body. Thanks to many of you who supported and prayed for the 2 teams that just returned and are recovering from jet lag, tired hours of driving and a pile of dirty laundry, God will surly redeem it all! The mission sharing night has been changed from this wed evening to next Wed evening (Feb 14th) You will be hear stories and experiences from both the ReNew Hope and the Israel team on the 14th. This Wed (7th) we will continue our study of Amos.

One of our Calvary New Years goals that we addressed on Vision Sunday was to provide more opportunity to connect in smaller groups. This coming Sat morning, both the men and women are gathering. If you would like to be involved in the Koinonia Coffee for the ladies, contact Sherri. If you would like to be involved in the Men’s RIOT, contact Tim Adams. Or call the church office. Also on Sunday evening, 6:30 Feb 10th, you are invited to come to our home for a night of prayer and fellowship, 114 Bent Creek Ln, Prospect. But perhaps the most important of all our gatherings is still the good old Sunday morning worship service where we all gather together. It is always sweet for the whole family to sing, study the word and pray! In any of these gatherings feel free to invite your neighbors, co-workers and really anyone the Lord puts on your heart.

City on a hill

– Pastor Marv


Pastors Perspective

Dear Calvary Family,

As we listen to the news, we often grieve over the effects of sin all around us. “A man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief…”, What a comfort to know that Jesus understands our grief. Not only has He experienced it in the highest form, but He is capable, willing and able to minister to us in our times of sorrow, sadness or loss. In a season of grief, Can we really be thankful? Is a Merry Christmas possible? God can use an amazing array of acts of kindness to bring joy to hurting hearts, but perhaps His empathy and compassion best reach us when we are down. “Who has believed our message…” The pain that Christ experienced is the channel that enables His love to bring healing to us “And by His scourging we are healed…” The first step to healing is always the forgiveness of sins. The second step is to rest in the promise of God, that He will work all things for the good to those who love Him. May we love Jesus with an undivided heart. May we remain surrendered with an obedient heart. May we turn to Jesus in true thanksgiving and receive from God all that we need according to the riches in Christ Jesus!

As our church family grows, new blessings and opportunities come with it. As we look to 2018, Please pray for the leadership team as we consider options for smaller groups to fellowship in more personal settings. I believe our best years of outreach and discipleship are yet to come! May each one of us have a surrendered heart, seeking the filling of the Holy Ghost upon our lives and experience the joy of serving Jesus in the context of the gifts of Holy Spirit that you receive from Jesus Himself, wow! In 2018, If the Lord continues His patients and gives us more time, I recommend a concerted effort to our commitment to our gatherings. Lets keep ourselves committed to the teaching of the Word, prayer, fellowship and the breaking of bread. This was the strength of the early church and is still essential today. Let’s carve out and protect these times together in a crazy scrambling world.

Much love and Happy Thanksgiving!

– Pastor Marv

Wed, 07-05-17

Pastor’s Perspective

Dear Calvary Family,
Hope : An eager expectation! Are you eagerly expecting anything to happen? 1 Pet. 1:13 “…fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” Sometimes the trials and testing times in life can shadow our hope. When depression settles in, despair is close behind. As children of God, we have a living, real hope. Jesus knows us well, He promised us the Holy Spirit to be our help, to guide us in truth, to teach us and fill us with the hope eternal. May each of rest our case before the Lord. Receive forgiveness for wrongs committed and receive encouragement from His word and by faith, trust Jesus enough to surrender yourself completely to His word and His way! Obedience and faith are married at the cross.
I have hope for our town. I have hope for our country. I have hope for our church. I am fixing this hope on Gods grace. Join me in prayer, full of faith in Jesus Christ and resting in the power of the Holy Spirit to truly move mountains of opposition, to set prisoners free and to restore relationships. May we continue in our love for each other, quick to forgive and slow to anger. May hope stir in our hearts again!
We are enjoying great fellowship and Bible study at the “Round Table” on Wed evenings. And we are 2 weeks away from our Sunday AM study of the book of Acts! Please read ahead, pray and set your hope on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Much love,
Pastor Marv

Pastor’s Perspective


To be Restored:

 Dear Calvary Family,

 One of the greatest joys in life involve restoration. The return of wayward child, a dear friend returns your phone call once again, love rekindled in marriage… Why is restoration so unusual if the payoff is so very joyful? The word restore involves the cleaning and repairing of damaged area’s. It also requires vision of what something could be like once again. God desires to restore our broken lives. Here are some key elements of restoration according to Isaiah 43, God says :

1. Verse 5 –  “Do not fear, for I am with you…”  involves vulnerability

2. V. 18 – “Do not call to mind the former things…”  let go of the rusty old past

3. V. 19 “Behold, I will do something new…” God begins the work

4. V, 19 “I will even make a roadway in the wilderness…” Nothing is impossible with God

 Over the course of years, damaged relationships can accumulate. Ask God to forgive, heal and pour out His Spirit. Extend a hand of grace into your past and embrace the good work God wants to do among us. God initiated while we were enemies, we may need to initiate love to a hurting friend or foe. June is a great month to start!

 Our Sunday morning Matthew study is nearly complete. In July we plan to begin the book of Acts! What a tremendous blessing it will be to journey through the revival of the early church. May we continue to invite our city to encounter Jesus. And may each of us extend a warm welcome to those who take the courageous step to visit our church. To many in our community, this is a big decision and often reveals a desire to seek God. May each visitor find us worshiping Jesus, full of grace and truth and ready to share the love!

 In the coming week, our family will be on vacation. Our prayers will be with you all. I trust that God will pour out His Spirit upon you and hear your hearts prayer. Pastor Lee will be preaching this Sunday, you will be blessed!


 – Mark & Dawn are on the road today, stepping out into a new world of missions!

– For sweet fellowship at our church family fellowship meal coming up next Sunday, July 2nd – Crit”s Chicken!

– For community connection at the Farmville church league All-Star game on July 8th

 Love you guys,

 – Pastor Marv

Pastor’s Perspective : “From Distress to Rest”


Dear Calvary Family,

Spring provides a time of transition. The change from winter to summer is full of snapshots of a rapidly changing landscape.  Life also has spring experiences that can bring a flurry of activity of change; some good, some not so good. Politics, families, and cities all are showing signs of significant change. What about Calvary Chapel Farmville? Even though events may change, Gods word is never changing and the work of the church has been established in the New testament of the Holy Bible and this mission has not changed in over 2000 years; Repent from our life of sin, serve the Lord Jesus Christ with a surrendered heart and prepare with great anticipation for His return. This road may include joy and sorrow, rejoicing and grieving, barren winters and productive summers; but know that God is FOR you and is desiring our cry to Him for help and guidance. In PS 118 the psalmist “called upon the Lord” in a time of distress (in part because of God’s discipline) and the Lord answered him and set him in a large place of rest. To a heart that cries out, God gives room to expand, new opportunities and an outpouring of His grace. The invitation to call out to God still is available to all of us today!

We want to continue to give you several different opportunities to grow in your walk with Jesus and to equip you to be a disciple who is ready and available to serve. Here are a few of upcoming events and services to consider:

– This Sunday following the morning service- Family lunch for all. Crit will oversee grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers. Please bring a side dish and desert or salad to share. Our Goal: grateful hearts, great fellowship!

– The “Round Table” – Beginning Wed evening, May 30th we will be changing the Bible Study to a more open forum. Our goal: interactive Bible study, increased desire to spend more time in God’s word

– Summer softball – Calvary has 3 teams playing in the Farmville church softball league. Games are Friday and Sat evenings at the Fireman’s Arena behind the High School. Our Goal: Fun and fellowship among area believers.

– Continue steadfast in the teaching of Gods word on our Sunday morning services. Our Goal : Equip the saints and invite unbelievers to salvation in Jesus Christ!

Much love in this season of change, enjoy the blossom before it falls to the ground,

– Pastor Marv



March 10, 2017

Dear Calvary Family,

We are approaching the celebration of the most significant events in the history of mankind, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This may be a good time to examine the condition of our hearts and evaluate our daily lives. The example of Jesus’ complete surrender at the cross, expressing the deepest of love towards us, should cause us to worship and serve Him as our Lord! Acts 2:36 Therefore let the house of Israel know for certain that God has made Him both Lord and Christ this Jesus whom you crucified“.

-” The Road to the Resurrection” – here are some events scheduled that will help us better prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday

– Community weekly Lenten luncheons at different church’s (schedule in church bulletin)

– Palm Sunday Baptism! – if you would like to be baptized see Pastor Marv or Wilson Gongola

– Wed evening, April 12th:  prayer & communion service. fasting for lost loved ones will also be introduced and encouraged from Wednesday – Good Friday

– Good Friday Service, April 14th, 7:00 PM : scripture reading, music and ministry at the cross

– Sunday morning Resurrection Celebration! April 16th

– Daily quiet times with Jesus

Remember, Easter is a great time to invite a friend or co-worker to come to church!

Under His Lordship

– Pastor Marv

Pastor’s perspective – 1-30-17 

Dear Calvary Family,

 2017 is already well under way, January is just about to close it’s door for another year. We are approaching a tomorrow that none of us have yet lived. No one has yet shed a tear, ended an addiction, overcome a fear, shared an act of kindness on tomorrows new day. Many possibilities lay at the threshold of tomorrow, some of which we have no control over, some we would not choose if given a choice, but all that we may experience has already been known by our heavenly Father. He will guide, help and comfort us as we follow Him in simple obedience.

 As we see our nation dividing against itself in many ways, the church is given a tremendous opportunity to be the city on the hill. The family of God has no physical borders, racial barriers, or deserving members. We are adopted children, delivered from the slavery of sin. We are set free to live a new life in Christ Jesus. Tomorrow has the potential to be the best tomorrow of all, a life of complete surrender to our master, the Lord Jesus Christ!

 I would like highlight a few upcoming events that I believe will be a blessing to our church family:

– This coming Wed evening (2/1) service will be “mission update night”. Much has been happening in CCF missions; Guatemala trip, We Care Prison trip, Nepal & Tajikistan updates as well as a potential upcoming Haiti trip.

 – Valentines Dinner, Sat Eve, Feb 18th at the “Center”. The cost is $30.00/couple and will include a catered meal, music, encouragement and fellowship around the table. Please sign up at the welcome table ASAP. If you are single, bring a date and enjoy a night with those that are married!

I am thankful for the kindness and encouragement you have been sharing with those around you. Many of you are serving in areas that require faith. As leaders, we feel very blessed to experience grace upon grace as we shepherd our growing body of believers, as well as minister to the many unsaved friends who have been near to the heart of many. Remember our vision Sunday commission from Isaiah 42 “A Light to the Nations”

So, in a world where tension and division may be on the rise; may Gods love fill our hearts, homes and church. And when the world is uprooted in their quest for truth, may the truth of Gods word be the eternal comfort and guide!

 Much love

 – Pastor Marv 


Pastor’s Perspective: “Give yourself”

Dear Calvary Family,

I especially enjoyed the morning, praying for each of you as I went through our church directory. I am trusting God for an extra measure of His grace and blessing on your lives, jobs, homes, travel and especially for our times together with extended families, in-laws etc…! May your normally stressful circumstances become an oasis of love.

Perhaps the greatest gift you can give is “yourself”. Isaiah 58 says if we call, the Lord will answer, if we cry, He will say ‘here I am’. If you give yourself to His work…. your gloom will become like midday…The Lord will continually guide you… satisfy your desire in scorched places… give strength to your bones… be like a watered garden… like a spring of water… The giving of ourselves will require sacrifice, but gifts of sacrifice continue to be the greatest gifts ever!

May we take time for rest, reflection and much joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and prepare our hearts for a new year. If you are aware of anyone who will alone for Christmas, invite them to join us for breakfast and a service of celebration on Christmas day. Breakfast 9:30, service at 10:30. If you plan to join us for Christmas caroling tonight, grab your scarf and hat!

Much love and Merry Christmas!

– Pastor Marv

Pastors Perspective 11-23-16 

“Thankfulness is a conscious response that comes from looking beyond our blessings to their source.” (Henry Blackaby)

Dear Calvary Family,

I am thankful for the opportunity to shepherd this dear part of the body of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for all of you who have joined me in this good work for God here in Farmville, VA! Mostly, I am thankful for the source behind all our many diverse blessings, our heavenly Father. This Thanksgiving, may all that is within us, bless His holy name. My prayer is for all of our services and events over the next 6 weeks to bring glory to Jesus, which in return will be a blessing to us and our community. May the fellowship among us be sweetened.

Concerning our family trip, thanks to so many of you for your prayers and for the gifts in the “Love Box”! Your kind words of encouragement, cash and gift cards added so much joy to an amazing trip across the country to Daniel & Jenn’s wedding. We will always have fond memories of that box that stayed between the front 2 seats and provided so much love along the way!

For us as believers in Jesus, the season of celebration from Thanksgiving to Christmas is very significant. Many memories are associated with this time of year. May God bring healing where memories are painful, may He bring to mind the sweetness of the good times and may we all be part of building positive times together that can last for a lifetime and perhaps beyond!

Here are some opportunities to celebrate together in the coming weeks: Remember, no service tonight (11-23)

– Sunday Morning services each Sunday at 10:30 (Including Christmas morning!):

– Wed 11-30-16: The adult singles of Calvary will be sharing testimonies, encouragement and advice to our body. Our singles have some much to offer and you will be blessed to hear from some of them share!

– Wed 12-07-16: Calvary Chapel Q & A : This will be a question and answer time. It will be a fun time of getting to know more about the church. Write down any question about Calvary Farmville or our affiliation and place it in the collection box by Dec 4th. The leaders will address these on Dec 7th

– Wed 12-14-16: Teamwork in marriage: Advice and encouragement will come from several angles…widows, children, teens…

– Sunday Evening 12-18-16: Choir Christmas musical and candle lighting: an enduring tradition of music & candles to celebrate the most amazing birth, Jesus the Christ!

– Wed 12-21-16: Christmas Caroling to our neighbor’s across the street! Bundle up and bring the kids!

– Sunday Morning Christmas 12-25-16: Family Christmas Celebration: Take a few hours on Christmas morning to celebrate together for this very unusual event of Christmas on a Sunday

– Wed 12-28-16: The laughs and cries of Mom & Dad: caring for the little ones

– Sunday Morning New Years Day: By now we are getting use to spending Holidays at church:)- Bring your favorite New Years Day Food to share at our Pot Luck lunch following the morning service

One of our goals for the final weeks of the year was to better connect with one another. I hope these times together will bring joy, laughter, encouragement and help!

Much Love,

Pastor Marv

Pastor’s Perspective 9-3-16

Good morning Calvary Family,

September is a month of change. Schools and colleges have started new semesters, the weather can change quickly and the landscape around us begins to dress up for the fall show. I am trusting God for a fresh work of His Spirit to bring personal refreshment and change to each of us as well.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we begin a 3 chapter study in Matthew known as the “Sermon on the mount”. It begins with Jesus showing believers the path of blessing. These blessings are dressed with joy, which seems so elusive for so many Christians. This series of studies will certainly bring Fall rains of refreshment on us as a body. The first beatitude is “poor in spirit”, what a great place to start, a place of need and desire…September change is under way!

Another change to consider for September may be to join us for our Wed. evening study of Joshua or a new start with the choir. Great Bible teaching and fellowship are available for children, middle school, high school and adults. In the Joshua study, God is teaching us to walk by faith and let God…

September is also a time when people begin going to church. To help you reach others, we have placed invitation cards on the welcome table. This may be the perfect time to invite your co-worker or neighbor to join you for the Sunday service!

The heart of any true change is repentance, a change in direction. May God speak to us through His word and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit to give us the courage and desire to walk away from sin and distractions and turn towards God with an open sincere heart. Join me in trusting God for a great month of September!

Love you guys,

Pastor Marv