Pastor Marv and Sherri

Marv Fisher started preaching and teaching as a teenager in his hometown in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, at the encouragement of his youth leaders. In his early twenties he heard tapes of Calvary Chapel pastors teaching the Bible verse by verse. This became a model for ministry and greatly affected his opportunity for service in the years to come.

In 1995, Marv and his wife, Sherri, moved to south central Virginia and started ministering and preaching as the Lord provided opportunity. Pastor Marv and Sherri have been blessed with seven children. Family, farming and construction are a big part of Marv’s life and many times appear in his sermon stories and illustrations.

In January 2010, Pastor Marv and his family, along with a small group of believers, answered the call to plant a Calvary Chapel in Farmville, Virginia. God has graciously opened the door to serve in this small college town and to reach out to the outlying rural community.

In Psalm 107 we see that God gathers the redeemed from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south. God leads and God satisfies. With an eager expectation in God for the years ahead,  it is Pastor Marv’s desire to see this realized at Calvary Chapel Farmville.